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Random strings are boring. Customize your experience by registering a .xrp domain today.


Say goodbye to long addresses.

The native suffix for XNS is .xrp, which has the full security benefits of being blockchain-native.

Here are a few example of how using an XNS can simplify your crypto experience:

No more copy and pasting addresses
Organize your wallets easily
Build a digital reputation

One name for all your addresses

Your unique .xrp name simplifies sending and receiving transactions. It’s also compatible with the services provided by our growing list of partners.

Decentralised Websites

Launch censorship-resistant decentralised websites with XNS. Upload your website to IPFS and access it with your XNS name.


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Powerful developer tools.

Get up and running in a few minutes with our SDKs. Use a variety of APIs and libraries to connect with our ecosystem.

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Dev Tools
Dev Tools

XNS Ecosystem

Make use of the XRP ledger ecosystem

The XNS ecosystem is a powerful and extensive toolkit powered by a globally distributed network of servers! You can use our platform to connect with other xrp users, manage your wallet or transfer funds across the xrp community.

Ready to begin your XRP journey?

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